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It is hard to explain how excited I am writing my first blog.My name is Gerry MacPherson, a tour operator based in eastern Canada  and although I have been a tour director & storyteller for years, this is my first forte into an ongoing journal of the exciting things are going on around Rhapsody Tours.

Even stranger, I am not writing my first blog from my office in Halifax, but instead from the beautiful community of Obergarschagen in the state of North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany.

Okay this is not as strange as it sounds and I’ll explain in a moment.

I have been a tour guide/director for 20 years, much of the time spent in Canada but I have been fortunate enough to have traveled throughout much of our amazing world.

Rhapsody Tours has been in business for a few years, specializing inSchloss Neuschwanstein unique eastern Canadian trips and will continue to do so for years to come however we have taken the opportunity to expand and are offering a very scenic and unique Tour of Germany.

This is the reason I am in this beautiful country at present, putting final touches on this very exciting journey.

If visiting this amazing part of our world is something that has intrigued you, wait no longer and visit our itinerary page.

I should warn you, we are only interested in traveling with those willing to have fun and having a sense of humor is a prerequisite.

For all the new travelers and seasoned travelers over the next few months I will be sharing tidbits and tricks for traveling.For example “how to pack”, “exercise tips for planes trains and automobiles” and “custom requirements for different countries” just to name a few.If you’re interested in receiving this information please feel free to subscribe to Rhapsody Tours Blogs and I’ll be more than happy to send them to you free of charge.

I’m off to the Black Forest  but will be in touch soon.

If you have any stories, questions or events about German travel and would like to share or for that matter any travel related themes you would like discussed; send them off to us. We will read the all and post our favorites.

We would love to see any comment or tips you may have and I encourage you to subscribe below.

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I hope you enjoy.
Until next time Safe Travel and Have Fun!

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