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My name is Gerry MacPherson and I am about to begin my twenty first year in the Travel & Tour Industry. Starting as a local tour guide in Halifax, in short time I expanded to multi-day trips through Nova Scotia and then the Maritimes. Over the next fifteen years I freelanced as a tour director traveling all over the world as well as forming Rhapsody Tours in order to prepare itineraries and offer tours I am passionate.

Over the years I have seen a large number of changes in the tourism & travel industry and have realized the tour industry I started in two decades ago is not the same today. During my travels I have picked up a number of tid bits and tour tricks that have made my life easier and I would like to use this blog to share them with you.

Whether you are looking how to prepare for a trip, how to pick a tour or ways of making your experience a memory of a lifetime, this blog will be of benefit to you.




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